CANNES FESTIVAL: the “Mothering Sunday” effect

CANNES, France - France counts a growing number of filmmakers making cool cinema and getting their films into festivals like Cannes, Berlin and the Biennale. Names such as Julia Ducournau (“Grave”), Hafsia Herzi (“Bonne Mère”) and Eva Husson come to mind, all of whom are presenting films this year at Cannes. The latter has directed her fourth film, "Mothering Sunday." Her previous work, "The ... more >

Elizabeth Moss in “Shirley” gives career performance

Film was produced by Christine Vachon
Elisabeth Moss, Logan Lerman and Michael Stuhlbarg
Directed by Josephine Decker

“A fictional biography” is a phrase that usually doesn’t work when it comes to films. Of course, when telling the story of a real person or event, some dramatic license is necessary and sometimes warranted. The new film, “Shirley,” tells the story of horror writer Shirley Jackson that features events that never took place. And that is just fine. Jackson is best known for her 1960 horror novel, ... more >