NORA ARNEZEDER: A French actress to watch

A frenchwoman makes her mark on American cinema

New York-based photographer Taghi Naderzad recently shot a portrait of French actress Nora Arnezeder and sent us this exclusive shot. She appeared opposite Gerard Jugnot in "Paris 36" in 2008. Arnezeder will be appearing opposite Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons in the Brian Klugman-directed "The Words." ... more >

Paris 36

A little walk down memory lane
Gerard Jugnot, Clovis Cornillac and Kad Merad
Directed by Christophe Barratier

The first beauty of Faubourg 36 – aka Paris 36, or whatever we uncultured Barbarian Americans are calling it – is that the story of the film is wrapped into the story of the story. Dedicated but talent-short amateur performers keep the paint fresh at a Paris people’s theater in 1936. A Hitler-loving meanie financier treats the theater as a socialist bug to be crushed under his jackboot. ... more >