“THE PALE BLUE EYE”: a candlelit murder tale that uncovers the darker facet of our intellect | REVIEW

Available on Netflix
Starring Christian Bale, Harry Melling and Simon McBurney
Directed by Scott Cooper

With “The Pale Blue Eye” director Scott Cooper has found his mojo again. Ever since his excellent 2009 directorial debut “Crazy Heart” and his 2013 sophomore effort “Out of the Furnace,” Cooper had struggled to find a strength in his follow up projects. 2015’s true story of Whitey Bolger “Black Mass” was underwhelming. The director’s 2017 Western “Hostiles” suffered from an undercooked ... more >

SMALL TALK WITH BIG PEOPLE: Matt Ogens of the documentary short “AUDIBLE,” currently airing on Netflix

He previously directed "Confessions of a Superhero," a film that premiered at SXSW in 2007

Director Matt Ogens grew up in Frederick, M.D., not far from the Maryland School for the Deaf. One of his best friends was hearing-impaired and Ogens became familiar with the deaf community thanks to him. “It just so happened that years later, when I decided to become a filmmaker, I directed a commercial campaign about high-school football teams around the country, and one of them was Maryland ... more >

Our interview with the producer of “WHAT WOULD SOPHIA LOREN DO?” now available on Netflix

Produced by Artemis Rising Foundation & Red Light Films
Distributed by Netflix
Directed by Ross Kauffman

Producer Regina K. Scully should have known better than to ask her Italian-American mother, Nancy, to try gluten-free pasta. Nancy glared at her daughter, responding, “What would Sophia Loren do?” That simple retort sparked an idea for Scully, a longtime producer of hard-hitting documentaries that include “Athlete A,” “The Hunting Ground” and “The Invisible War.” Nancy, the daughter of ... more >

Thesis antithesis synthesis “Mank” (one film critic follows another)

Film is currently showing on Netflix

Raise your hand, all you movie lovers and cinema buffs who hardly hesitate when asked what is the most important movie ever made or, alternatively, what it the best film of all times, before you answer, “Citizen Kane.” “Mank,” David Fincher’s movie about the script of that brightest of all gems, was originally written a few years back by Fincher’s father and called “American.” Now, starring ... more >

“Mank” on Netflix

Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins
Directed by David Fincher

David Fincher’s “Mank” is not a film for casual moviegoers. This is an absolute truth. It is a highly stylized piece taken from a decades-old screenplay from David Fincher’s father, Jack and ghost co-written and reshaped by son David and Eric Roth. This is a film that has essence and a old-school sensibility when it comes to how to film it but, unfortunately, it is also a film which never fully ... more >

NETFLIX AND CHILL: Ten reasons why staying in during the coronavirus scare is not so bad

"Master of None," "Ozark" and "Unorthodox" have made the list!

Confinement. Quarantine. Shut in. Whatever you wish to call it, we are all doing our part to stay safe during this tough time. For many of us, the arts are the key to keeping our minds stable through any issue, let alone being stuck in our homes for months. We have novels, music, films and television to see us through. The world now lives in the age of bingeing thanks to the major streaming ... more >

Netflix announces it is cancelling the popular “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” revival after two seasons

One of the weirdest, greatest comedic series ever

The television cult hit “Mystery Science Theater 3000” ran from November 24, 1988 (where it began on KTMA-TV Minneapolis, Minnesota) until its cancelation in 1999 after three seasons at the then-new Sci-Fi Channel and seven seasons at The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central. MST3K was and is a unique television show. The simple plot being a man (Joel and later, Mike) who works as a lowly janitor for ... more >