• As part of my ongoing series on Women Filmmakers I got to meet Gillian Greene after the screening of her feature-length debut “Murder of a Cat." She proved to be as charming as her film was compelling and humorous.

    Greene is the the wife of director Sam Raimi and the daughter of legendary actor Lorne Greene, so her connection to show-business is deep. But although she expresses some pride about it, she's clearly emerged as

  • The title goes right to the point, as does this movie shown at Tribeca last week, which deals with a nerdy oddball named Clinton (played brilliantly by Fran Kranz), who discovers that his cat has been killed. In attempting to solve the murder of his furry and only friend Clinton unwittingly stumbles onto a series of events which lead him deeper into chaos, until his own life is at stake. He teams up with fellow cat lover Greta, played by Nikki Reed, his mother Edie (Blythe Danner)