INTERVIEW: Burk Sharpless, Matt Sazama and the cast of “Lost in Space 2”

"We can all relate to this family"

The producers and showrunners insist they didn’t plan for the second season of “Lost in Space” to debut Christmas week, but a yuletide story element in the first episode of Season 2 made it a rather fortuitous happenstance. “We heard that Netflix put us in their Christmas window, because they were so excited about the audience we might get,” said series co-creator and executive producer Burk ... more >


‘Deadwood: the movie”

Currently airing on HBO

HBO’s “Deadwood” was a rather brilliant parable of corruption and violence that forever changed this country. The show’s now infamous “Deadwood Speak” (courtesy of the great David Milch) and its rich detail to character made it something truly unique. Fans were floored when the show was abruptly cancelled after season three and argued their favorite characters and plot lines never had the ... more >