Vincent Cassel in La Haine

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Paris lobby group stakes claim over 2012

French cinema's B.O. returns in 2012 have set a record with over $1BN in ticket sales, an increase of 88% compared to the previous year, according to a statement released Friday by Unifrance, the Paris-based lobby and trade representation group. This new record beats the previous one established in 2008, by a lot. According to Unifrance, which is also responsible for the promotion of French ... more >


The winner from this past Cannes Festival
Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emanuelle Riva
Directed by Michael Haneke

Any review of Mchael Haneke’s “Amour” should start by noting what a moving story it tells. Did I cry during “Amour”? Two-ply tissues. “Amour” gives a gentle but chilling view into the final months of a woman’s life, and the frustration of a husband who must care for his loved one as she slowly passes away. However I approach “Amour” with two minds. As a touching depiction of life struggling ... more >