YOUTH | It’s always fantastic when God pitches in as production designer

"La Giovinezza" (Italy)
Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel
Directed by Paolo Sorrentino

There is a moment in Paolo Sorrentino’s YOUTH when the aging conductor and composer, played by Michael Caine, stops in a beautiful European meadow to watch the cows. At first we are listening to each dong of a cowbell as a separate sound. Slowly he begins to hear the music hidden inside them. With a bit of imagination, the conductor soon raises a hand to conduct. If the film has a metaphor, this ... more >

Harry Brown

Vigilante justice in ghetto London
Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer and David Bradley
Directed by Daniel Barber

An octogenarian will rise... slowly. That could have been the tagline for “Harry Brown,” a movie that features Michael Caine dispensing justice on a bunch of street-punks in a south U.K. estate. Caine plays the title character, a widower and ex-marine living in a filthy London housing project surrounded by teens selling drugs and committing acts of senseless violence. When Harry’s friend ... more >