“Let them talk” is one of the best films of 2020

Extension 765, HBO Films, LS Productions
Meryl Streep, Lucas Hedges and Diane Wiest
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Regrets. The characters in Steven Soderbergh’s latest film have had a few. Writer Deborah Eisenberg’s first screenplay “Let Them All Talk” is smart and literate and a welcome cinematic character study of people behaving like human beings. Meryl Streep dives into one of her best roles in years playing Alice, an award-winning author who is up for yet another one to be presented to her in the ... more >

“The Laundromat”

Not Soderbergh's winningest (by any stretch), Meryl Streep at the top of her art
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is perhaps our most adventurous filmmaker. He straddles the worlds of big-budget Hollywood and Independent cinema with ease and skill. We never know what kind of film he will do next and, good or bad, Soderbergh always surprises. His latest film is “The Laundromat,” a look at the Panama Papers scandal based ever so loosely on Jake Bernstein’s book “Secrecy World.” Adapted ... more >


On anniversary “AUSCHWITZ,” produced by Steven Spielberg, strikes a mournful chord

Over a week ago the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops was marked. Auschwitz is an emblem, a name that's burned in humanity's collective soul and one that behooves us to pay attention, to understand, and to never forget. In another seventy years, there won't be any survivors left but this anniversary will be observed again, presumably, and every seventy years ... more >

Hope Springs Meryl Streep Tommy Lee Jones

Hope Springs

Hope is the thing with feathers
Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones
Directed by David Frankel

It isn’t every day you get the likes of Meryll Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in a romantic comedy, even the very idea seems like two actors doing a bit of slumming, but instead they make “Hope Springs” really pop with an honest, funny, and moving portrayal of a marriage on the rocks. They play Kay and Arnold, a couple married thirty-one years who have hit a bit of a rough patch. They’ve been ... more >

Weinstein Co. RELEASES Iron lady poster

Meryl Streep to play Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher will be portrayed by Meryl Streep in this upcoming biopic slated for theatrical release this December; Thatcher's enormously strong-willed foreign policy and the price she's had to pay for her outsized posturing will form the underpinnings of this day-in-the-life-styled film. Thatcher, who is still alive, suffers from Alzheimers disease and has retired from public life. Other ... more >

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Dig the life fantastic
George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Jason Schwartzman
Directed by Wes Anderson

Smart. Witty. Cool. Hip. Imaginative. Different. And, like any good fox, sly. Those are the words that apply to The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson’s impressively retro journey into stop-gap animation. The film is a breakthrough for those thirsting for something other than CG animation. It is also a breakthrough for Anderson, who has been looking for a second act. The Fantastic Mr. Fox is ... more >


Uneven but riveting all the same
Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams
Directed by John Patrick Shanley

Doubt, which recently sailed into movie theatres, seems to suffer from an existentialist crisis: who am I? It has faults, likely because the same person who authored the play also directed the film. Should someone else have directed Doubt for the cinema? Yes, without hesitation. Shanley is likely too married to the idea of Doubt as a play to effectively adapt it to the big screen. The movie's ... more >