What mattered in 2011

A rundown of the year's best

Time to take stock, filmwise, of the year that was. My grading system (from 0—none this year though I could barely bring myself to give a 6 to the much-applauded Tree of Life—to 20) helps do a quick scan of the hundreds of films I’ve seen in 2011. What does a film have to be and do to get 20? Keep me consistently engaged, not have any off moment, not have any special goofs or anachronistic ... more >

2011 Readers’ Poll–THE RESULTS

Your time to shine, people

A winner has been chosen and will receive two DVDs from Cinema Libre Studio. We asked our readers what their favorite film of 2011 was--78% of those who responded said Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. ... more >


LVT's best? Quite possibly so.
Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland
Directed by Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier doesn’t like his film Melancholia. He says he is actually a little ashamed of it, finding it bombastic, slick, and Wagner’s music overwhelming. That is just the von Trier way. After the fact, he only sees problems, as he did at the last Cannes Festival after his much reviled pro-Hitler rant of which he still feels the sting despite having apologized a hundred times. Regarding his ... more >


... more >

COMING TO N.Y. – Le Havre and Melancholia

Some films to look out for this Fall season: Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre (October 21, IFC Film Center) and Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, which will open on November 11th but will be a part of the New York Film Festival’s selection this year. We will be attending the festival and interviewing Kirsten Dunst and Lars Von Trier. ... more >