• Ever notice dead walls, those hidden side of buildings, the façade with sometimes one single tiny window dead in the center? It’s vexing, that window—it raises questions, like why did that one person get a window and not everyone else in the building? Those walls, silent enigmas only architects and city planners could decode, are called “medianeras” in Spanish. New York’s medianeras, visible from far, are often covered with the half-erased brand names of yore or huge banners advertising running shoes or rappers.

    First-time Argentine filmmaker Gustavo Taretto has made a movie chronicling solitude and the city on the theme of those hidden surfaces—it’s called, “Medianeras”; the idea of the film being that, behind that solitary window lives a human being in search of a meaningful connection.

  • This Argentinian-made film, initially made as a short in 2005, will remind you of 500 Days of Summer and early-cru Woody Allen. Keep an eye out for distribution news (as yet undetermined).