The new Matteo Garrone: REALITY

T.V. reality coming to a community near you
Aniello Arena and Loredana Simioli
Directed by Matteo Garrone

After Luciano, the main character in Matteo Garrone’s new film “Reality” (out March 15th) gets the call from a T.V. studio telling him he’s made the first cut in a casting call for the reality T.V. show “Grande Fratello” (“Big Brother”), he gradually slides into full-blown paranoid megalomania. Watching him wait anxiously for the next round of callbacks is comical at first, until his affliction ... more >

Massimo Gaudioso

His "Reality" won the Grand Prix at the 65th Cannes Festival

Great films are the product of the collaborative process. And while screenwriters may not get asked the most questions during the daily press conferences at Cannes as wordsmiths and dramatists they are responsible for the surprising comeback, the wit, the meme, and the devastating third act that make a film come alive. A screenplay is the most sought-after piece of writing nowadays--one element of ... more >