• Four songs and four seasons provide the pace of “Young and beautiful” (title in French: "Jeune et Jolie"), the absorbing new film by France's Francois Ozon (“The swimming pool”) which comes out this week. But the film's neat organization serves another purpose: to make the whiplash effect that's felt later on even cruder.

    As he's done in previous films Ozon frames family carefully: he plies us with all its clichés

  • Four songs and four seasons provide the pace in “Young and beautiful,” (original title: "Jeune et Jolie") the engrossing film by France’s filmmaker Francois Ozon (“The swimming pool”) in competition this year. They provide a neat way to organize the film but also reinforce our oh-so-wrong expectations as we settle into the quaint family vignettes which he tenders in the first part of his film: a semi-normal family (they