A Pissed Off Mexican Out to Settle a Score
Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro and Lindsay Lohan
Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Every now and then, you just want to watch a ridiculous movie. Not an art-house film, not a huge blockbuster, nothing that involves too much emotion or any mind-bending plot twists. As long as you’re not averse to lots of violence and explosions, Machete is just the film for you. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, a frequent Tarantino collaborator, and newcomer Ethan Maniquis, the film follows ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD - January 11, 2010 Lindsay Lohan was in a car crash over the weekend according to TMZ. Here's a copy of her most recent tweet: "2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habits, and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!?:)Let's make our new year's resolution, people, how about it? Let's ask our legislators to help make Lohan (or 'Lilo' as ... more >