REWIND | LETTER FROM PARIS, The culture feast

"Le Redoutable," "Young Karl Marx" and "Loving Vincent"
All of the above-mentioned films are in theaters in France now

(this article is a reprint; it was originally published on Screen Comment in 2017) Were I ever tempted to leave Paris and pitch my tent in a warmer city, a city where it doesn’t rain as often, where skies are bluer and inhabitants smile, I only need to look back on this last week to realize that I could never live elsewhere (but I already know that.) So how did that week go? I saw ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL, “Le Redoutable”

Starring Louis Garrel and Stacy Martin
Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

In "Le Redoutable" Michel Hazanavicius looks at a slice of Jean-Luc Godard’s career, during an uncertain moment of his life, at the end of the sixties. Godard had wanted to take his cinema in new, more politicized direction, and his relationship to his girlfriend was falling apart. This coincides with a time of great upheaval in France. The backlash from the Vietnam war, a renewal of interest for ... more >