Lars Von Trier


Lars Von Trier makes his return to the Cannes Festival after a seven-year absence; five new films added to official selection

HE'S BAAAACK! Lars Von Trier's "The House that Jack Built" will be shown at the Cannes Festival this year, helping to deliver a shot in the arm, a mixture of adrenaline and steroids, to the official selection. Seven years ago, Von Trier was ejected from the Cannes Festival after fumbling his way, with devil-may-care indecency, through a Q&A with the press following the screening of his film ... more >

About the new Von Trier “NYMPHOMANIAC”

Forgetting about love
Magnolia Pictures (no release date)

Lars Von Trier is quite good at getting himself noticed and talked about. The filmmaker who was banned from the Cannes Festival in 2011 for saying he admires Nazis, recently unveiled the poster for "Nymphomaniac," his third film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg. The French actress plays Joe, a woman who narrates her sexual life from birth until age 50. Shia LeBeouf, Willem Dafoe ("Antichrist"), ... more >


Upcoming title to be his most overtly erotic work to date

It was just announced that Charlotte Gainsbourg was attached to an upcoming Lars Von Trier project. She will be appearing in "Nymphomaniac," an erotic drama about a woman's sexual adventures. This will be Gainsbourg’s third collaboration with Von Trier, following "Antichrist" and "Melancholia,” both controversial and heavily-praised films. Charlotte Gainsbourg will play Joe, a woman who ... more >


LVT's best? Quite possibly so.
Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland
Directed by Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier doesn’t like his film Melancholia. He says he is actually a little ashamed of it, finding it bombastic, slick, and Wagner’s music overwhelming. That is just the von Trier way. After the fact, he only sees problems, as he did at the last Cannes Festival after his much reviled pro-Hitler rant of which he still feels the sting despite having apologized a hundred times. Regarding his ... more >

COMING TO N.Y. – Le Havre and Melancholia

Some films to look out for this Fall season: Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre (October 21, IFC Film Center) and Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, which will open on November 11th but will be a part of the New York Film Festival’s selection this year. We will be attending the festival and interviewing Kirsten Dunst and Lars Von Trier. ... more >

I saw Melancholia

The Von Trier gaffe: telling it like it is

The news is that I saw Melancholia here in Paris where it came out on Wednesday (since France’s Wednesday is our Friday). I understand that Melancholia will come out in the U.S. at the end of September. My review will appear in these columns on the day of the release. I’ve been watching a lot of video interviews of the actors and Lars Von Trier, and was struck by what appeared like major ... more >

Lars Von Trier reacts

The following email just landed in my inbox from Lars Von Trier's publicist, this after an official from Iran's Culture Ministry complained to the Cannes Festival that they should not have banned Von Trier for his Nazi-related comments during a press conference last week. "In connection with the Iranian Vice Minister of Culture Javad Shamaqdari’s letter to the Cannes Film Festival regarding the ... more >