CANNES FESTIVAL – “SORRY WE MISSED YOU,” tense and moving family drama premised on the idea of choice

"Sorry we missed you" is presented as part of the competition program

“Sorry we missed you” by Ken Loach is laden with social significance. It stands as direct indictment of how businesses have reorganized labor contracts, passing risk and exposure unto their workforce. In France, the U.K., Belgium and elsewhere job precarity has increased due to various factors, but also due to the fact that employers, such as the parcel delivery service pictured in the film, no ... more >


KEN LOACH wins Palme D’Or

"American Honey," "Forushande" and "Personal Shopper" nab prizes, too

CANNES FESTIVAL - Film critics and festival jurors: two divergent forces that make the weather for the eleven days that the festival lasts. And yet, there's hardly any consensus between the two, with nary an exception. Last night, "I, Daniel Blake" won the Palme D'Or. I'll venture that this is the film both jurors and press met each other halfway on. With last night's win Loach joins that small ... more >


Loach comes back to Cannes with “I, Daniel Blake”

Powerful drama highlights England's social ills
Natalie Ann Jamieson, Colin Coombs and Dave Johns
Directed by Ken Loach

CANNES, France - Like Woody Allen Ken Loach is a Cannes-minted director, a filmmaker whose films premiere in Cannes almost exclusively. Unlike Allen, however, Loach creates consequential human dramas. In a Loach film, society’s ills play a character, Loach often training his camera on society’s invisible links, the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, people who, under the pressure of necessity, ... more >


Protesters and no WIFI network, but an intriguing slate of films

PARIS, this morning - One tweet. That’s all I could manage to send from the Cannes Festival’s press conference, the yearly event before-the-event held in a large movie theater at the top of the Champs Elysées. The network (wifi or cellular) quickly crashed, enveloping the event in a blanket of secrecy. After the conference I rushed into a bar nearby so that I could order myself a 7 euro-bottle of ... more >