Six minutes into the future: a conversation with Karim Huu Do, director

"I have this Westernized mind, and at the same time, I have roots that are not coming from here. All this stuff mixed together creates something interesting"

What would it be like if you existed six minutes in the future, ahead of everyone? Things around you look familiar, being young is still cool and institutional repression hasn’t caught on with your latest act of rebellion. This is the world of Karim Huu Do, director. Some of the most esthetically-intense, visually-rousing short films come from advertising work. And some of the most ... more >


EDITORIAL : Advertising’s phenomenon Karim Huu Do, and some soul searching

Advertising director Huu Do has done work for Adidas, Rita Ora and David Beckham

(EDITORIAL) What is this site's future, how do we talk about all filmmakers who matter, no matter their industry? Thinking of new ways for Screen Comment to get more reach has meant pushing walls out, rethinking editorial lines. What is Screen Comment today, thirteen years after its creation? The filmed entertainment landscape is constantly moving, tentpole franchises number in the double digits, ... more >