Are we there yet? “THE FORGIVEN” | MOVIE REVIEW

The inconveniences of getting lost in the Moroccan desert on your way to a party
Jessica Chastain, Ralph Fiennes, Abbey Lee and Ismail Abou-El-Kanater
Directed by John Michael McDonagh

John Michael McDonagh’s “The Forgiven” walks the ever-fine line between artful examination and utter monotony. Adapting Lawrence Osborne’s novel, McDonagh’s film takes place over one weekend in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and skewers the privilege of the wealthy and white. David (Ralph Fiennes) and Jo (Jessica Chastain) are traveling to a party taking place in the Moroccan desert. Late, ... more >

The Guard

Dark-buddy-cop-action-comedy: a new genre is born
Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong and Liam Cunningham
Directed by John Michael McDonagh

What's a veteran Irish cop to do? There he is, tending to his rounds of bar fights and domestic disturbances, stealing drugs off of car wreck victims, indulging in lovely imported visitors from “the agency,” thinking nothing of selling the IRA back their lost-and-found weapons. His sleepy coastal town isn’t the first place that you would suspect for a major drug deal to take place in. But ... more >