CANNES FESTIVAL- John Hillcoat’s “Lawless”

The myths, the legends -- the Bondurants live

For the Bondurant gang, purveyors of apple brandy in the depression-era south, legend--their own, that is--is the stuff that makes the world turn; their illegal business thrives on it. That they are viewed as invincible by foes helps keep the deck stacked in their favor and keeps the moonshine dollar flowing in, the occasional shootout with a rival notwithstanding. When Forrest (Tom Hardy), the ... more >

The Road

One of our favorites this year
Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron
Directed by John Hillcoat

The nature of the disaster that ends civilization in The Road is never explained. Not in the Cormac McCarthy novel. Not in the fantastic John Hillcoat screen version. Yet you would be kidding yourself to bet against a nuclear war. It could be a comet strike, or an asteroid, or super-volcanic activity, as has been proposed. If it were any other author, those choices might make sense. But would a ... more >