Leading the Iceni Peoples in defiance of the Roman Empire; Olga Kurylenko stars in “BOUDICA: QUEEN OF WAR”

Drama/Action (1h 20m)
Starring Olga Kurylenko, Clive Standen, Peter Franzén and Rita Tushingham
Directed by Jesse V. Johnson

Director Jesse V. Johnson has directed action movies that are more than respectable. He understands the advantage of working with skilled stunt teams and performers and knows how to create good action sequences. His films with Scott Adkins are fun, 2009’s “Triple Threat” was a career highlight as it starred some of the best martial artists alive today in dramatic fight sequences. Mostly setting ... more >

Carrying his born swagger like a loaded six-shooter; “ONE RANGER” | MOVIE REVIEW

Film was shot in Ipswich, U.K.
Thomas Jane, Dean Jagger, John Malkovich and Dominique Tipper
Directed by Jesse V. Johnson

Director Jesse V. Johnson makes the type of action thrillers that would’ve allowed him to be a force in the action cinema flicks that flooded theaters in the eighties. Johnson’s latest, “One Ranger,” is a mildly-entertaining thriller that would make the ghost of the Cannon Film Group proud. Thomas Jane is Alex Tyree, an rugged Texas Ranger tough who is recruited by British intelligence to stop ... more >