Supporting Sudan-the Clooney and Russell arrests

African country causes ruckus

A couple of arrests of note in the last 24 hours. George Clooney in Washington and Jason Russell in California--the circumstances couldn't have been more different. Clooney and a congressman were arrested Friday outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C; Clooney's father was also on hand. The arrests were anticipated and part of the actor’s effort to draw attention to the humanitarian ... more >

The KONY 2012 Fail

When an overnight-success documentary backfires big

Something strange happened on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week. It started with the occasional post and then later my feed just completely exploded. The Kony 2012 documentary had gone massively viral in just under 24 hours. I watched the thirty minute-long video, having absolutely no idea what it is was that I was going to watch. And when the video was over, I had absolutely no idea what ... more >