TALK with Lisa D’Apolito of “Love, Gilda”

"Her comedy and her battle with cancer are both inspiring”
Produced by Lisa D’Apolito, Bronwyn Berry and James Tumminia

When the documentary “Love, Gilda” premiered at last year’s Tribeca film festival I got left out in the cold. No ticket, it was a sellout. But after taking in the film’s premiere on CNN recently, I could see why “Love, Gilda” would garner such success. This tribute of the life of late comedienne Gilda Radner (1946-1989) is filled with warmth, cheer and heart. I was incredibly fortunate to be able ... more >

Psych ward shenanigans


We'll meet again, sung by Vera Lynn (HellBoy), Rocket Man, sung by Elton John (K-Pax) 2001, Guitars Cadillacs, sung by Dwight Yoakam (Terminator 2) 1991, Nothing really blue, sung by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (The Princess and The Warrior) 2000, Forgetting, sung by The Feminine Complex (Girl, Interrupted) 1999, Behind Blue Eyes, sung by Limp Bizkit (Gothika), Do It Better, sung by Happy Mondays ... more >

Apple’s iTunes the new Netflix?

Here comes the new tastemaker in movies

Even though it likely has no real effect on my disk space one of the things I find annoying about watching iTunes movie rentals is the fact that you have to download them: it takes time, you have to mind the process. The other annoying thing is those pesky, bright-red reminders telling you that if you don’t watch your movie by the twenty four-hour deadline your head will explode and you will be ... more >