Our bestest five from this year’s Spooky Movie Fest (REVIEW)

"I am Lisa," "Hail to the deadites" and more

Happy fifteenth anniversary to the AFI Silver Theater’s Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival! Over the years, this festival has blossomed into the Maryland/D.C./Virginia area’s premier horror film festivals and stands as the most popular genre-fest in the Mid-Atlantic region. Each year, filmmakers from around the globe enter their works, be they big budget or small, vying for a spot. ... more >

Director John Hyams achieves genre perfection with his new film “Alone” (REVIEW)

Film was co-executive produced by Yeardley Smith
Julles Willcox, Marc Menchaca and Anthony Heald
Directed by John Hyams

Just so we're clear, I have never cared for man-against-the-wilderness type films ( “Dersu Uzala,” Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey,” and “The Revenant” being exceptions) and I dislike kidnap films, as well. No matter how well-made, this type of film falls prey to unavoidable cliché. In film after film we witness the long fall off an unexpected cliff into the icy water or the tree branch going through ... more >

Romola Garai (“Atonement”), poised for greatness, goes behind the camera to make persuasive debut as filmmaker with “Amulet” | REVIEW

Carla Juri, Alec Secareanu and Imelda Staunton
Directed by Romola Garai

The definition of amulet is “a charm (such as an ornament) often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol to aid the wearer or protect against evil such as disease or witchcraft.” But there is a new definition. “Amulet,” a 2020 film directed by Romola Garai that is subtly eerie and one of the most effectively-directed films of 2020. Romanian actor Alec Secareanu ("God's own country") ... more >