NERVE, the best bad movie in a long time

The PokemonGo craze couldn't be more timely
Dave Franco, Emma Roberts and Emily Meade
Directed by Ari Schulman and Henry Joost

The best thing about “Nerve” is that it doesn’t care what you think of it. While it’s not a crazy surreal soup like “The Lobster,” it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a film that feels quite so free in its own skin. The new Emma Roberts film starts like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and ends like “The Warriors” or “Escape from New York.| Its’ “The Hunger Games” as told by John Carpenter. “Nerve” is a ... more >


Don't let anyone tell you what it is
Melody C. Roscher, Ariel Schulman and Yaniv Schulman
Directed by Henry Joost

Catfish is one of those predictable movies that somehow still manage to surprise. It’s somewhat of a documentary about Facebook and its capacity to give its users the power to create a perfect world for themselves. But it’s also a mystery about trust, betrayal, and sadness. It takes place around 2007 where Yaniv, a twentysomething photographer in New York, receives in the mail a painting of one of ... more >