Time-tested franchises are making a comeback

The seventies, eighties and nineties are back

The eighties, what an awesome decade. M.J. was the king of pop, "Egyptian lover" was rocking the airwaves and Bill Cosby was everyone’s favorite grand-daddy. What a difference thirty years makes. A wave of something is sweeping through the film industry and a glut of sequels inspired by the seventies’, eighties’ and nineties’ most famous franchises is looming large. Is it nostalgia or a lack ... more >

Harrison Ford in BLADE RUNNER sequel? MAYBE

Reviving a classic of the sci-fi genre

Ridley Scott has been working for a while on the sequel to "Blade Runner" and has already gone on record to say that Harrison Ford would not be a part of the new film. However, Ford himself recently let it slip that he was in talks with the filmmaker and that a meeting is supposed to be taking place soon between the two former collaborators. When asked about it, Ford said something to the effect ... more >

Morning glory

What's the story?
Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton
Directed by Roger Mitchell

What’s wrong with being happy? Contrary to the evidence presented in adult-focused movies, you might never know there are happy people out there. It’s true. I’ve ignored them at parties. But I never see them on-screen. In “Morning Glory,” Rachel McAdams plays a lemons-to-lemonade go-getter named Becky Fuller, with all the spritely dewiness that such a wide-eyed name conjures. Addicted to ... more >

Extraordinary Measures

We made the list for you
Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell and Harrison Ford
Directed by Tom Vaughan

Things to like about Extraordinary Measures, with clinical researcher Harrison Ford and father/businessman Brendan Fraser joining forces to save Fraser’s children from a deadly form of muscular distrophy: 1 ) It’s relatively adult. 2 ) It treats its subject seriously. 3 ) It treats its subject carefully. 4 ) Based on a true story, it doesn’t much Hollywood-up its ending. 5 ) For a ... more >