“Kuso,” L.A., and what happens after The Big One (preview)

Hallucinatory razzmatazz
Hannibal Buress, George Clinton and David Firth
Directed by Flying Lotus

PREVIEW - Heading to cinema screens July 21st is "Kuso," a nightmarish B-movie that depicts the aftermath of The Big One in Los Angeles. The viewer is made to experience aftershocks through TV screens and apocalypse-tinged vignettes of the twisted lives of the survivors. It's like David Cronenberg gave birth to Ren & Stimpy V.2. "Kuso" is a little chaotic at times. The film comprises about ... more >


Tribeca Film Festival| “Nerdland”

When your dreams of super-stardom have become just that
Hannibal Buress, Julie Galdieri and Mike Judge
Directed by Chris Prynoski

Ever notice that it’s almost always a bad sign when an R-rated animated movie brags about being an R-rated animated movie? The one exception might be SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT (1999), but other than that the pickings are slim. I had this realization watching Chris Prynoski’s NERDLAND, a very graphic animated comedy filled to the brim with boobs, boners, and buttholes. The first feature ... more >