Godfather makes one-day COMEBACK

An offer you can't refuse

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter today, Francis Ford Coppola's legendary film the Godfather (1972) has just gotten a touchup and will be seen in fifty theaters on March 1, a day which marks the film's fortieth anniversary. The film, which won the Oscar for best film, was remastered with 5.1 digital surround sound. Although now owned by Paramount, at the time of its release, the studio which ... more >


The Godfather

From a critic's festival diary

(Film critic Kevin Bowen is visiting his hometown of El Paso, Texas and attended the third annual Plaza Classic Film Festival.) The Godfather (1972, d. Francis Ford Coppola) My Godfather observation on my recent viewing: Fredo is gay. And Moe Greene is his lover. And this is the rarest, deepest and most vital secret of The Godfather saga. No, this isn't a gaydar thing: I'm not picking on ... more >