ETTORE SCOLA, caricaturist before he was a filmmaker, was a giant of cinema

He was eleven years young than his friend Fellini

In his last film HOW STRANGE TO BE NAMED FEDERICO the great Italian director Ettore Scola recounts his decades-long friendship with Fellini, the undisputed master of cinema. But following the arc of that friendship, he also talks about himself and how at age fifteen, following in the footsteps of his elder (born in 1931, he was eleven years younger than Fellini) the future he saw for himself was ... more >

ETTORE SCOLA, one of our most cherished filmmakers, dies

His last film, CHE STRANO CHIAMARSI FEDERICO (2013), was a love letter to Fellini, another great director and a good friend of his. Ettore Scola, the last royal heir to the vibrant and rich Italian cinema that has shaped so many of our most important filmmakers today, has passed on at the age of 84 in a Rome clinic. "His heart got tired of beating," his wife and daughters told Italian daily ... more >