INTERVIEW: “Ultimately, it’s the deepest quest of all,” Errol Morris speaks with us about his new film “My psychedelic love story,” it airs tonight

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Even as we spoke on the phone last week, filmmaker Errol Morris said he was still putting the finishing touches on his new documentary, a version of which I had seen not long before the Oscar-winning director of “The Fog of War” and “Gates of Heaven” chatted with me from his home in Massachusetts. Until recently, he was still color correcting and filling in the musical score. Letting go of the ... more >

Errol Morris’s TABLOID

Pandering to the dark side is big business
Kent Gavin
Directed by Errol Morris

In 1977, a blonde, zaftig, former teen beauty pageant winner named Joyce McKinney fell deliriously in love with a no-nonsense Mormon, Kirk Anderson. Against his devout family's wishes, the couple got engaged, but just days before the wedding, Anderson disappeared; he was discovered living with a Mormon sect in England. Armed with surveillance equipment, handcuffs, chloroform and phony revolvers, ... more >