• Things sometimes don't go as planned. Peter Fonda, the handsome actor who most famously starred in 1969’s "Easy Rider," along with co-star Dennis Hopper, died on Friday at his home in Los Angeles, ahead of what would've been the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the film.

    Fonda was 79.

    The man who once said, "I feel like I'm about eight years old on most days" had a boyish charm and wore a permanent glint of hope in his eyes, even though his take on humanity was, in all likelihood, dark. "Civilization was always a bust," he’s been known to say.

  • In 1969 when a surge of protests against discrimination, the Vietnam War (at its most intensive then) and outdated political and social mindsets was taking place, in came a low-budget, counterculture, film that would speak for a generation and give filmmakers new artistic freedom. The film’s success would cause a seismic shift in the Hollywood system and see studios wrest power back from the producers and hand it