Morning glory

What's the story?
Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton
Directed by Roger Mitchell

What’s wrong with being happy? Contrary to the evidence presented in adult-focused movies, you might never know there are happy people out there. It’s true. I’ve ignored them at parties. But I never see them on-screen. In “Morning Glory,” Rachel McAdams plays a lemons-to-lemonade go-getter named Becky Fuller, with all the spritely dewiness that such a wide-eyed name conjures. Addicted to ... more >

Diane Keaton

Annie Hall actress honored at Lincoln Center

Not so long ago Woody Allen played Alvy Singer in Annie Hall alongside Diane Keaton. It was 1977, cocaine was still fun and people stopped in the middle of the street to argue about books. The Annie in question was played by Diane Keaton, who had her own existentialist crisis to solve (and would not tackled Alvy's), had an unhealthy fear of spiders and was prone to the endearing phrase ... more >