“UNDER THE SILVER LAKE,” an enjoyable faux-David Lynch procedural scorched by L.A.’s sunshine

Portrait of a disabused youth
Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough
Directed by David Robert Mitchell

Summer 2011. Los Angeles. After he has breakfast, Sam goes home and tears up a note that's stuck to his door. It says that he has five days to pay his rent or else. Between taking a call from his mother, smoking his morning cigarette and oggling his neighbor, Sam doesn't do much else. He's a bit of a dilettante. He notices a strange woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), swimming in his apartment's swimming ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL, “Under the silver lake” wows the Croisette

David Robert Mitchell's previous film is "It Follows"
Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough and Topher Grace

There is much going on in David Robert Mitchell’s new film “Under the silver lake,” one of the most thematically-dense feats of hardboiled storytelling of this 71st Cannes Festival. In this highly-entertaining “Lake,” to be catalogued under film noir, a tormented, and unemployed, young man, Sam (Andrew Garfield) who dreams of being famous, notices a new occupant in his L.A. apartment complex. Sam ... more >


PREVIEW – It follows

Combine Stephen King with David Lynch with a touch of John Carpenter and you'll get an idea of what "It follows," slated for release this March, is like. Scary just as well as moving, "It follows" is a sort-of horror films that focuses on the intimate (and intimately strange) lows and peaks of adolescence and slathers in angst and fright. In "It follows" nothing goes as planned, but that's just ... more >