A must-see movie
Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field
Directed by Steven Spielberg

Last night I felt as if our sixteenth president leapt across the screen and landed at my feet. [During the film's production, the part of Abraham Lincoln was listed on the call sheet as being played by Abraham Lincoln, not Daniel Day-Lewis; source: IMDB]. What a tour de force. Spielberg has changed trajectory after an underwhelming turn recently and directed a marvelous picture, with a ... more >


Come one come all, the show's in town
Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz
Directed by Rob Marshall

Setting a possible record for Oscar-bait per cubic inch, Nine seems destined to appeal to every part of the Academy, although It’s true that it would be a better film if it were called Six and if there were a couple fewer of the women tormenting Daniel-Day Lewis’ director Guido Contini. And we could all sleep better without the Kate Hudson number, but this musical extravaganza has enough good ... more >

There will be blood

Eli Sunday lives
Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano
Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

In There Will Be Blood Paul Thomas Anderson lifts up the veil that has been covering a sordid chapter of American history: oil prospecting at the turn of the century. As in the original story by Upton Sinclair on which this film is based (Oil!), people died, properties passed on through generations were lost and men walked about with greed on their mind and in their heart. Daniel Plainview ... more >