• "Specter," the next James Bond movie (directed by Sam Mendes), recently finished shooting on location and is slated for a November rollout. This latest installment in the film world's most famous franchise stars Daniel Craig in the role of the MI-6 renegade uber-agent. But this is not just any old Bond movie. It's a bit of a revolution, in fact. Why? Because the Bond girl is a spot over fifty. None of this is news

  • That name. The musical score playing over the line of a gun sight. That Aston Martin. That dry martini. Few things in Hollywood stay fresh for this long, but Ian Fleming’s "James Bond" franchise just keeps reinvigorating itself. Its best move, recently, was the recruitment of Daniel Craig--one of the most impressive Bonds ever, no doubt. We first see him involved in an improbable action sequence in Istanbul as he chases

  • The days of James Bond dropping his famous “shaken not stirred” line are behind us.

    According to a story in advertising trade Ad Age, Daniel Craig will be drinking Heineken in the next installment of James Bond. Marketing for the world’s most famous franchise was turned on its head a while ago, however. First, the Aston Martin disappeared, then the Rolex: our man in MI5 has since been driving a BMW and we-

  • When Spielberg announced his plans for a “Tintin” movie, fans of the little Belgian reporter with the red pompadour—and that includes pretty much anyone who ever held a comic book—were thrilled. When they got to see the final product, less so. This big disappointment begs the question: Why ever did we expect otherwise? Why should we have thought that Spielberg, director of big American movies, action-packed and going off in loud

  • I’ve seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo twice, now, in both the Swedish and Hollywood version. English doesn’t improve it. Given that it has the same flaw--a glacial, hard-to-edit first chapter shocked to life by a gripping second--it appears to be a problem with the story, or at least how the enormously popular Stieg Larsson best-seller travels to the screen. I prefer the Swedish version, starring Noomi Rapace to David Fincher’s

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