Costa-Gavras interviewed by Democracy Now!

The director of "Z" reflects on a fifty-year career

French-Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras is the director behind such legendary films as "Z," "Missing," and "Amen." More recently, he made "The Capital," starring French humorist Gad Elmaleh. In an extended interview in Democracy Now's studio, the current chief of La Cinémathèque Française reflects on his fifty-year-long career as a political filmmaker. When asked about his film "The Capital," ... more >

Le Capital (Costa-Gavras)

When it rains.

[No U.S. distribution yet] PARIS - Men looking smart in suits. People walking in and out of rooms, cars, and airport lounges. Icy conversations among would-be backstabbers. I'll raise my voice then you'll raise yours. Any of these sentences could summarize the new Costa-Gavras film “Le Capital," in which the head of a large European investment bank (played by France's top humorist, Gad Elmaleh) ... more >