• Bring tissues. For if you need a good ugly-cry in a still-young year that has already been filled with so much grief, “Supernova” is your movie. Which isn’t to say that this incredibly heartfelt and sad film isn’t good—far from it.

    This new film from writer-director Harry Macqueen stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci as Sam and Tusker, longtime romantic partners in late middle age on a road trip through

  • Swedish director Tomas Alfredson exploded onto the international scene in 2007 with his unsettling child vampire flick, ‘Let the Right One In.’ In that film, he took a rather implausible premise and turned it into one of the more unsettling horror films of recent memory. Pushing forward into the realm of the improbable, Alfredson unveils his surefooted adaptation of John Le Carre’s unfilmable novel “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (the only other adaptation

  • The acting is truly awesome. Nowadays, athletes—be they tennis players, runners or X-game participants—accomplish incredible feats that leave us slack-jawed and wondering what they will do next. Snowboard down Everest? Jump parkour-style over the rooftops of Paris from Montmartre to Notre-Dame? Run a thousand miles without stopping? Actors are the same. Their performances become better and better and not only because of the perfect digitized images on enormous Cineplex screens and of voices booming through dolbied surround sound.