Make Me Young

Taking a journey through America's anti-ageing world
Lisa Airan and Julia Allison
Directed by Mitch McCabe

To what lengths would you go to recapture youth, or, at least, the appearance of youth? That is the question posed by Mitch McCabe’s film “Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain,” which was produced in collaboration with HBO and broadcast last fall. It’s now out on DVD from Cinema Libre Studios, and provides an insider’s view of the fascinating and perverse world of plastic surgery. McCabe’s ... more >


DVDs for the socially conscious set

Cinema Libre Studios specializes in consciousness-raising documentaries about a variety of left-leaning subjects—some of its better-known releases include “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War On Journalism” (2004) and “Angels in the Dust” (2007). The studio is currently preparing to release Oliver Stone’s controversial new documentary “South of the Border” (2009) featuring Raul Castro and Hugo ... more >