• Buck, about whom Cindy Meehl has made the eponymous documentary, is the original horse whisperer, the one on whom the book was based and the Robert Redford film made. Redford himself makes an appearance in the film describing how his first reaction on seeing the lanky man with the ten-gallon hat and the fringed outfit was “Oh,boy!” and how he soon realized what an impressive human being he was dealing with. That’s Buck.

  • Screen Comment critic Lita Robinson reviews this brand-new documentary by first-time director Cindy Meehl.

    "...Buck’s hard-luck backstory provides the thrust of this documentary: his father beat him and his brother relentlessly after his mother died; the two were eventually placed in a foster home.

    A trick rider from the age of three, Buck was around horses his whole life, and attributes his psychic connection to horses with his own experiences of what it’s like to be dead-frightened of another person..."

  • Directed by Cindy Meehl. Starring Buck Brannaman. [jwplayer config=”TrailerPagePlayer” mediaid=”4020″]