• It’s not often that a film without superheroes or Tom Cruise leaping from cliffs is shown in IMAX, let alone on 70mm film stock (remember film?). “Oppenheimer,” Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated, nearly three-hour solipsistic walk through J. Robert Oppenheimer’s complicated, extraordinary life demands to be seen on the largest screen possible: The IMAX experience not only makes the staging of the atomic bomb test that much more

  • For "Dunkirk" Christopher Nolan cast the puppy-eyed lead singer of One Direction, Harry Styles, as a British soldier during the famed 1940 evacuation. This is entirely appropriate. I say this because the British Army fought World War II with the ferocity of a boy band. I don’t understand why the British feel such a reflex to celebrate it.

    Here’s a trip down the the pathway of British military performance in World War II: the British spent a month fighting in France, during which time they got whipped by a German army that was riding horses ten years earlier.