TRIBECA 2018: Alysia Reiner and Marianna Palka tackle pregnancy in “Egg”

"Egg" had its world premiere at Tribeca

Tribeca 2018 was truly the year for female filmmakers. With “Egg,” actress and director Marianne Palka (“Glow”) proves that she’s just as talented behind the camera as she is in front of it. Fresh off the success of writing and directing her dark comedy “Bitch" (2017) Palka takes on a more dialogue-driven relationship story. In “Egg,” two art school friends and their husbands meet for an afternoon ... more >


Depression porn - you game?
Adrien Brody and Christina Hendricks
Directed by Tony Kaye

I disliked Tony Kaye’s Detachment pretty much from the start--it doesn't help that the filmmaker never stops goading the audience to care, Care, CARE about it. The movie, starring an intensely focused Adrien Brody as a long-suffering substitute teacher, means to be a wrenching, minor-key lament on the plight of education today. I’d call it depression porn. What constitutes depression porn? ... more >