“2 Days in New York” – REVIEW

An entertaining romp through a great city
Julie Delpy, Chris Rock and Albert Delpy
Directed by Julie Delpy

Filmmaker Julie Delpy’s latest opus “2 days in New York” is the sequel to 2007's “2 days in Paris” (thankfully the film itself is more original than its recycled title). Delpy, a certified auteur, brought her own writing, directing and acting to the screen via a narrative that’s as personal as it is familiar. Delpy’s relationship with Adam Goldberg , her love interest from “Paris,” has ... more >

Grown Ups

Boys will be boys. Some longer than others.
Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Chris Rock
Directed by Dennis Dugan

“Grown Ups” brings together Adam Sandler and his four buddies, guys who owe their movie careers in some way to him, except poor Chris Rock who just can’t seem to register. Sandler always come off a nice guy, and Dod knows I’ve grown up with the guy and have had my share of likes (“Wedding Singer,” “Happy Gilmore”) and dislikes (“Little Nicky,” “Longest Yard,” “Mr. Deeds”). I also liked the new ... more >

Good Hair

A good documentary
Chris Rock
Directed by Jeff Stilson

What a pleasant surprise. Chris Rock channels Michael Moore, but instead of greed, he examines black women and their hair. The results is a refreshing look at the love and mania caused by our natural and unnatural tops. We start the documentary at a yearly hair product extravaganza in Atlanta for hair products. There we learn that eighty percent of the market for these products comes from ... more >