Oh no they didn’t ! (yes, they did) China delivers “morally-sound” BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to audiences

A heavily-redacted biopic about Freddie Mercury that omits a substantial part of the singer's life? Yes, that is possible—in China (among other countries). Morally cleansing the story of “Bohemian Rhapsody” to conceal some uncomfortable (for some) truth is unfortunately part of the orthodoxy in this otherwise grand, wonderful, but sometimes perplexing, country that is China. But this could've ... more >

Cui Z'ien


Filmmaker in Paris to present two documentaries

In a China haphazardly completing its rapid economic transformation Cui Zi'en is an independent documentary filmmaker who braves censorship in order to represent societal changes through the eyes of the indigent. "We are a comic-heroic generation, a lost generation," a young man says in “Night Scene,” Zi’en’s documentary about Beijing’s young male prostitutes which is being shown here in Paris ... more >