On writing Being John Malkovich

From the editor's morning news review

Since getting an iPad my morning routine has included reading Flipboard--probably my favorite among all the various apps that I festooned my tablet with. I read all the feeds from my own google reader account as well as the Flipboard editor picks. One of those included an article by Charlie Kaufman about writing the screenplay for Being John Malkovich. A very interesting read--have a look. ... more >

Synecdoche, New York

Whose magnum opus is it anyway?
Philip S. Hoffman and Samantha Morton
Directed by Charlie Kaufman

Does Charlie Kaufman have anything to offer the planet except post-modern rope tricks and fashionable misery? In looking at his newest mind-bender Synecdoche, New York, has there ever been a more imaginative, provocative, surrealistic way to ultimately say, “life sucks and then you die.” How can such a sharp, observant, vibrant mind find so much to say about the creative process and so little ... more >