CANNES FESTIVAL – The Russians are coming

Andrey Zvyagintsev and his "Leviathan" and Sergei Loznitsa's "Maidan"
"Leviathan" will be in competition series

Two directors from Russia are bringing their films to Cannes this year. One, Andrey Zviagintsev, will be competing, while the other, Sergei Loznitsa, will get to show his film in one of the special, non-competitive sections. One of the films that’s being talked about in anticipation of the Cannes Festival's launch next week year is Zviagintsev’s “Leviathan,” which could take home some Cannes ... more >

NEWS: CANNES JURY announced, DAFOE, COPPOLA get seat

This marks Gilles Jacob's last festival year
Sofia Coppola will celebrate 43 during fest

Kiwi helmer Jane Campion will preside over this year's jury, as was previously announced by the Cannes Festival. The list of her co-jurors was released today, showing a cosmopolitan, if homogeneous (professionally speaking) mix of actors and directors hailing from the U.S., France, China, Korea, Denmark, Iran, France and Mexico. They form a compelling international cohort representative of ... more >


Poster lists names from best-known filmmakers this year

Screen Comment has an official poster for Cannes (and we will be doing this every year). We chose the better-known filmmakers out of this year's competition program and created a lightstream that carries the names from bottom to top. The names are in no particular order, except that Americans were given priority at the top (but this is all open to interpretation).     ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL – selection announced

Some great movies, a little controversy
Fest takes place during May 14-25
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PARIS - A kind of good-humored anticipation is manifest inside UGC’s Normandie movie theater on the Champs Elysées: today we find out who the Cannes nominees are. I plop into a chair next to a friend, who, punctual as always, already found his seat. We come out of the theater about an hour later, our marching orders in hand. Eighteen films in the competition series, and eighteen other ones in the ... more >

CANNES 2014 – Start your engines

Selection to be announced this morning
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In about an hour I’ll be getting ready to get over to the Champs Elysées cineplex where the Cannes Festival's Thierry Frémaux and Gilles Jacob will be holding their press conference. Just a few last minute thoughts about the would-be selection; it appears that the French will make a strong showing this year (Screen Comment is based in Paris, can't hardly start an article without mentioning this ... more >

The look in Cannes this year

Fest unveils 2014 poster

French designer Hervé Chigioni and collaborator Gilles Frappier based this year's poster design on a photograph taken from Federico Fellini’s "8½," which was presented in the Official Selection in 1963. According to the festival's press release, "in Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini, we celebrate a cinema that is free and open to the world, acknowledging once again the artistic ... more >



Which films will be headlining this year's fest?
Fest takes place from May 14th to 25th

The Cannes Festival's Thierry Frémaux and Gilles Jacob will be holding their annual press conference this Thursday here in Paris. The full list of films competing for the Palme D'Or and those in the Un Certain Regard program (the non-competitive section) will be revealed then. Already confirmed for the May 14-25 festival is opener "Grace of Monaco" starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Here's ... more >