CANNES FESTIVAL | Gaspar NoƩ gets booed then, standing ovation

"Enter the void" requires more of you than your average movie

Two hours and a half. That's how long Enter the Void, the new film by Gaspar Noe, lasts. The world premiere for Noe's film took place in a packed Lumiere theatre, and I get the feeling that people applauded themselves for managing to hang on until the end of the film. Noe's approach was a lot more clear in his previous films; he created a universe and invited us in. "Enter the Void" is a ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD This brief article is our 400th post. For a blog started in 2007, I'd say we've been keeping busy. Thanks to our contributors, SC is moving along famously. And as I get ready to go to the Cannes Festival, I am monitoring our sister Twitter page "meetmeincannes." If you want to get regular updates on my twelve days in Cannes, join in. Nowadays, I think the most frequent updater is ... more >