When you make the error of a lifetime who will you turn to?
Richard Gere, Brit Marling and Susan Sarandon
Directed by Nicholas Jarecki

There’s been talk about Richard Gere’s performance possibly getting an Oscars nod but after just seeing Jack Black in “Bernie” and considering Daniel Day Lewis’s “Lincoln” is coming out soon it’s hard to get overly excited about Gere. He plays Robert Miller a hedge fund C.E.O. attempting to merge his company with a large public bank while hiding the fact that he’s lost nearly all of his money ... more >

Fox’s The Sound of My Voice-PREVIEW

Troublesome world of cults provided film's backdrop

The memory of David Koresh and the tragedy of Waco, Texas will always remain in our collective minds. How could they not? Koresh embodied the charismatic leader and cults frighten as much as provide us with a kind of perverse curiosity. They make great movie narratives, too--remember the hype that Kevin Smith's Red State garnered while making the rounds of the festival circuit? It was mostly ... more >


(this article has been updated) For your consideration: Brit Marling For those of us who like nice, clean categories to put people in, it may be hard to get your head around Brit Marling. She’s an actor (she moved to Los Angeles after finishing her Bachelors in Economics and Studio Art at Georgetown University) and she’s a producer (she starred and co-wrote two films that were shown at the ... more >