Brendan Fraser in brilliant comeback but “THE WHALE” was lost on us | FILM REVIEW

A reclusive English teacher tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter
Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink and Ty Simpkins
Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky is a divisive filmmaker, his latest film, “The Whale,” will be a divisive film. Brendan Fraser stars as Charlie, an obese man (weighing close to 600 pounds) who is eating his way to an early grave. Charlie is a teacher who keeps his camera off for his online class, as he doesn’t want his students to see his girth. He lives alone and is mourning the death of his true love. ... more >

Extraordinary Measures

We made the list for you
Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell and Harrison Ford
Directed by Tom Vaughan

Things to like about Extraordinary Measures, with clinical researcher Harrison Ford and father/businessman Brendan Fraser joining forces to save Fraser’s children from a deadly form of muscular distrophy: 1 ) It’s relatively adult. 2 ) It treats its subject seriously. 3 ) It treats its subject carefully. 4 ) Based on a true story, it doesn’t much Hollywood-up its ending. 5 ) For a ... more >


Original plot, great acting—what more can you ask for?
Brendan Fraser, Andy Serkis and Eliza Bennett
Directed by Iain Softley

In "Inkheart," Brendan Fraser loses his wife in a bizarre book-reading accident. As a professional bookbinder, the silver screen’s newest big-time child-herder is a “silver tongue” a person who can literally bring a story to life simply by reading out loud. He releases a cast of knife-wielding meanies from the pages of an adventure book called Inkheart. But it isn’t a free lunch. His wife gets ... more >