Uncannily original “Blue Ruin”

In theaters this Friday
Macon Blair and Devin Ratray
Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

A lonesome wanderer’s life is shattered by terrible news. He starts a long trek back to his childhood home to carry out a revenge kill. The narrative device is simple: to provoke a reaction out of this vulnerable—pitiful, even—character named Dwight (excellently played by a Macon Blair who uses his puppy-dog look to cunning effect, gradually morphing into a cold executioner) and confront him to ... more >


Inside Llewyn Davis, Bends, Grand Central and Blue Ruin

I'd like to thank the Coen Brothers for giving me the opportunity to write this post. I've just waited sixty minutes in the pouring rain for a chance to get inside the Debussy theater and watch "Inside Llewyn Davis" but the theatre filled up and we got left out in the cold. Fortunately I was with my three colleagues from the French site Abus de Ciné so we got a chance to exchange about the day's ... more >