Libya highlighted in “The Oath of Tobruk”

Idealism and go-getting in war-torn Libya

Rallying behind an insurgency borne out of the Arab Spring and emboldened by the fall of Muammar Kaddafi, helping to install a democratic government, those were  the missions of French author and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy’s (B.H.L.) as he traveled between France and Libya last year cameras in tow. As revealed in “The Oath of Tobruk” (a co-directed project shot entirely with Canon's EOS 5D ... more >


Two films from the aftermaths of revolutions

The revolt sweeping across the Middle East these last couple of years will figure highly at the Cannes Festival, and it’s no coincidence. “The Sermon at Tobrouk,” a documentary by French philosopher Bernard-Henri “B.H.L.” Lévy (pictured below in Libya in September 2011) shot over the final eight months which led to the downfall of Kaddafi will be shown as a special screening. Levy follows four ... more >