An unlikely encounter develops in war-town Chechnya
Bérénice Bejo

"The Search," which screened for the press yesterday morning is a two-and-a-half hour-long war drama set in war-torn Chechnya in 1999. In this new film by "The Artist" director Michel Hazanavicius we follow four different people as they contend with the vagaries of war, the main one being about a woman who's separated from her brother after a bombing attack and goes on the search of the title. ... more >

The Artist

A gem of a film you won't want to miss
Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Béjo and John Goodman
Directed by Michel Hazanivicius

American audiences who would pass on Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist because a) it’s a silent movie and b) it’s in black and white, will be missing one of the best films in decades. Just like some of its unforgettable elders in the silent-film era, The Artist is funny, touching without being sentimental, with story line and feelings perfectly conveyed without words. If you ever wondered how ... more >